W.H.O. Estimates that there are over 466 million people globally that suffer from disabling hearing loss. 

Current production of hearing device meets less than 10% of this need.

Our focus is around 70 million people who have severe to profound hearing loss, and are unable to benefit from or access hearing technologies like hearing aids and cochlear implants due to costs and surgical constraints.

The Augmented Bionics device will offer the convenience of wearing a hearing aid, with the functionality of a cochlear implant


For a wide majority of population with mild and moderate hearing loss, hearing aids offer a viable amplification based solution. However, amplification is no longer sufficient in cases of severe to profound hearing loss, where the hearing nerve endings start degenerating. 


A precursor to the Augmented Bionics technology, Cochlear Implants were a revolutionary technology that have successfully transformed the lives of thousands of users with severe to profound hearing loss. Yet due to their surgical nature, the costs and risks from the device mean that less than 5% of people who need an implant, have one. 

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a wireless counterpart to implant based neurostimulation. First invented in 1985, TMS has now found success in clinics throughout the world in treating Major Depressive Disorder, OCD, and Migraines. Augmented Bionics is the first to commercially develop this technology to stimulate the hearing nerves of people with deafness. 





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1. No surgery: Bionic implant surgeries subject patient to risks like facial paralysis, severe vertigo, loss of taste, loss of residual hearing. Augmented Bionics removes these risks.

2. Lower costs: Implants can cost over $25,000 with added costs of surgery. Augmented Bionics can reduce these costs through its scalable device. 

3. Accessible: Hearing aid audiologists can fit Augmented Bionics device, removing need for specialised surgical know-how and infrastructure. 

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